has been a professional storyteller since 1981. He also leads storytelling workshops and has written a book about the art of storytelling. In 1984 he began Groundhog Press, a production company, to produce a series of writing and recording projects. Groundhog books and tapes celebrate the richness and relevancy of storytelling as a folk art, while encouraging folks to re-awaken their hidden storytelling and storylistening abilities. Moore lives with his wife Jacqueline and their children Jesse and Rachel in a stone farmhouse in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He is the author of THE BREAD SISTER TRILOGY, WHEN THE MOON IS FULL (a collection of supernatural tales set in the Seven Mountains region of central Pennsylvania, where Moore’s family has lived for nearly 200 years), and THE MAN WITH THE SILVER OAR (HarperCollins, 2002).                      www.robin-moore.com

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