Born in Canada on December 3, 1914, Dare Wright spent most of her childhood in Cleveland, Ohio before moving to New York City in her twenties. The 1957 success of Dare’s bestselling first book, THE LONELY DOLL, brought her recognition as both an author and a photographer. Dare went on to publish eighteen more books in the “Lonely Doll” series. Sadly, Dare passed away in 2001, but her books continue to delight generations of readers.
    THE LONELY DOLL MAKES NEW FRIENDS, written by Brook Ashley, was inspired by Dare Wright’s 1957 classic, THE LONELY DOLL. Brook, the executrix of Dare Wright’s estate, grew up in New York City and became close friends with Dare Wright. A former actress, Brook appeared on Broadway and on television. Currently, she is a real estate agent and a freelance writer. Visit for more information about this author.

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